About Wisedry

Wisedry is a vibrant desiccant brand. We believe that only by sustaining passion and innovation can we create the best customer experience. At Wisedry, our dedication extends beyond offering safe, efficient desiccants; it is deeply rooted in addressing customer needs and protecting your valuable assets, whether it be an item, a memory, or a lifestyle you find comfortable.


We are constantly looking for new methods and technologies to solve customer problems and improve efficiency. We firmly believe that in this rapidly developing world, only continuous innovation can bring better User Experience to users.


Our team is passionate about desiccants and always strives to provide the best service and support. We encourage employees to be proactive in solving problems and always maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. This vitality is not only reflected in our corporate culture, but also in our products and services.

Care About Every User

Wisedry cares about every user, and we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to meet the various needs of customers. Whether it is answering technical questions or providing personalized support, we always insist on establishing a long-term trust relationship with users.

Provide affordable, efficient and sustainable drying solutions for all.


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Wisedry’s vision

Let humidity be freely controlled to create a more comfortable life for people.


I recommend Wisedry to all my watchers on my teaching courses, since it is truly my favorite!


123k on Instagram

I wish Wisedry was around when I got married… I really loved my wedding flowers but was never able to preserve them well enough to keep them… Now, I want to learn to use your product for when my kids get married!!!! Looks awesome!

Marie-Andrée Lavergne

Flowers dried by wisedry silica gel crystals look as if they are freshly picked now.


I started off using a brand at Micheals and I never had success with my flowers. Then I got the course from Marina and saw she used Wisedry so it was a no brainer for me. Ever since, I have had so many dried flowers that are so beautiful that can be used in a variety of ways in my resin art.


They are the perfect size for most gun safes and the black covering blends well in the bottom of your gun safe. They’re THE best desiccant bags I’ve ever used.


I have used this product for years. It is long lasting, does what is supposed to do, and is rechargeable in the microwave. It works.

O. Burnette

I buy these once a year to through in everything to keep moisture out. Great product!


I would highly recommend if you have moisture issues with anything. I would definitely buy again