There are more desiccant types than you know

You may not have noticed this but desiccant is one of the most common and useful things in our lives. You can find them as little packets that came with your shoes, snacks and many other products. They are a great help in many places from ship containers to your little salt jars, but do you know there are more than one type of desiccant?

Desiccants can first be defined based on their material. Clay mineral is a common material for food preservation. It’s natural and usually made in the form of small gray pellets. Though inexpensive compared with other desiccants, its absorption ratio to its own weight is relatively low and it starts giving up moisture back to the air when temperature rises to > 50°C due to its material properties.

Clay Desiccant

Molecular sieve is a common one as well which is usually made from synthetic or natural zeolite, having 3D porous structure and affinity that also traps water at high temperatures. It’s relatively more expensive and usually used for industrial purposes.

Molecular Sieve

We can also look at it from types of absorption, namely physical absorption and chemical absorption. Silica gel is a great example of physical absorption which adsorbs water onto its surface without any chemical reaction. It’s highly effective, food safe, non-corrosive, reusable and it’s great for daily use.

On the other hand, lime desiccant is an example of chemical absorption, but the calcium oxide in it releases a large amount of heat when reacting with water, which can be potentially dangerous. Injury caused by lime desiccant happened before and it’s best to use with caution. Do not directly put lime desiccant in water.

Other desiccants include, to name a few, activated alumina, activated charcoal, calcium chloride and so on. Different desiccants have different properties and applications.
Overall speaking, silica gel desiccant is the best for home and everyday use as it’s efficient, safe, multipurpose, reusable and chemically inert. Wisedry silica gel desiccant also adds orange indicating material that is food grade to help you determine when to recharge. Just give it a try and you will discover its magic. Choosing the right desiccant according to your need is the first step for a better and fresher life.

Wisedry Silica Gel Desiccant