Let Oxygen Absorbers Help You Weather the Unexpected


We may all have envisaged somehow that some emergencies may strike us in the near future. The Covid-19 Pandemic is an unfortunate living example. When the pandemic broke out, panic soon spread across the globe and the need of supplies soon became overwhelming. Out of fear, people started purchasing and hoarding supplies in large amount because every time we go out the chances of contracting the virus increase. Food, toilet paper and other daily supplies quickly fell short of demand. Under the circumstances, the need for long term food storage became essential.

In fact, you don’t even need a catastrophic pandemic like the Covid-19 to realize the importance of food backup supplies. Just look at some annual extreme weather like blizzard, flood, ice storm, sandstorm, etc. and you will instantly realize how tiny we humans are once in the face of the power of nature. Preparing yourself against the unexpected is definitely necessary since it’s essentially making a survival, so how can it be wrong? As the Earth climate system continues to be affected by human activities and other factors, abnormal weather events are on the rise and it’s very likely you will face at least one, or even more of these abnormal scenarios in your life, regardless of the color of your skin, your religious belief, your political tendency, your age or whatever, which don’t matter and you just have to admit that bad things happen and may take a heavy toll on all of us. To batten down the hatches is absolutely not something that’s overreacting, instead it’s the very nature that keeps humans thriving for so long. From little things like managing your career to big things like surviving a global pandemic, we want to and need to stay prepared, not only for ourselves but also for the ones we love.


Oxygen absorber is one of the essential supplies you should know for preparing yourself. They are designed with one purpose and that’s to remove oxygen (within a sealed environment). Though only 1/5 of the air is oxygen, it is not something you should ignore if you wish to keep your food edible as long as possible. You may not instantly notice when spoilage starts taking place but when it becomes evident, it may be too late to save your food.

Oxygen accelerates the growth of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria, which will change the color, favor and texture of the food and make it no longer edible. That’s why we save food in our refrigerator, because low temperature slows down the growth of microorganisms, although they still grow, just slower. Microorganisms exist both in the environment and on food and by taking out the oxygen in a sealed container, the food can stay fresh much longer.

Chemical reactions promoted by oxygen is also one major reason for spoilage. Oxidizing enzymes will accelerate the chemical reactions in food. When enzymes react with oxygen, catalytic reactions happen and the nutrients are disintegrated. The bad fruits are a common example of this.

Not only oxygen absorber is good for taking out the oxygen, it also keeps out insect damage thanks to a simple fact: the annoying bugs need oxygen to live. With oxygen absorber, rest assured they will live no longer to spoil your food.

Wisedry Oxygen Absorbers


So are you interested in how oxygen absorber do its magic? Actually it’s simple science. Within every oxygen absorber packet contains iron powder that reacts with oxygen, causing iron powder to rust.

It’s totally safe for you to put oxygen absorber packets with your food because the iron powder are kept inside without direct contacting with the food. When reacting with oxygen, they will feel slightly warm and this is a signal that they are working properly. When an oxygen absorber packet takes in enough amount of oxygen and no longer works, its inside will feel rigid and it’s time to replace. Remember that oxygen absorber reacts with oxygen soon as they are in contact with air, so please seal tight the leftover ones in case they expire too soon.


Oxygen absorber delivers the best results when used with mylar bags which are specially designed for food storage.

Mylar bags are PET plastic bags laminated to aluminum foil, providing thorough protection from light, moisture and insects. It’s light, flexible, and thin but also durable and strong. They are good for long term food storage because of its tensile strength and its isolating barrier properties. With what’s been said, its high flexibility makes it collapsible enough to easily empty the extra air when storing food while its non-porous feature gets to keep the environment inside at an ideal and stable condition in terms of humidity, oxygen level, light control and so on. Good isolation is what’s important for long term food storage.

When using mylar bags for food storage, it’s best to fill the bag as much as possible, because in this way, less air/oxygen will be kept with food. You can keep food like spices, salts, fruits, rice, beans, wheat, and other dry foods. It’s worth noting that try not to store moisture-rich foods in mylar bags because the material is designed for storing dry foods and moisture is also something that jeopardizes your foods.

Then it’s time to put in oxygen absorbers. The amount you should use is not strictly limited and usually different types and amount of foods require different amount of oxygen absorbers. When the food and oxygen absorbers are properly set, you can start heat-seal your mylar bags. To do this, you will need a heat sealer, clothes iron or hair straightener. Remember to squeeze as much air out as possible before sealing your mylar bags.

Recommended usage

For dense foods: rice, oats, etc. —- 1 pack / gallon (Recommended)
For less dense foods: beans, corn kernel, pasta, freeze dried foods, etc. —- 2 packs / gallon (Recommended)

For dense foods: rice, oats, etc. —- 1 x 1000CC / 5 gallon (Recommended)
For less dense foods: beans, corn kernel, pasta, freeze dried foods, etc. —- 2 x 1000CC / 5 gallon (Recommended)


It may be strange to say but we hope you won’t ever end up having to actually use those stored foods as your main source of survival because that would mean terrible things have happened, which is absolutely not what we want. Nonetheless, we still need to be prepared because it’s not a matter of ‘will’ but a matter of ‘if’ and if something terrible really happens, we want you to stay safe and we want Wisedry products to help you when you need them.