Step into the world of Logan Sire, a gifted multimedia artist whose work revolves around the art of flower preservation. Specializing in floral preservation using resin, Logan creates stunning pieces that immortalize moments in time. From functional home decor to digital art, her work showcases a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving cherished memories. Get to know Logan as she shares her journey and experiences in the world of flower preservation.

Logan’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/artworkbylogan/


Logan, can you do a little bit of an introduction of yourself first?

My name is Logan Sire, and I am a multi media artist! I work with resin to preserve florals for all of time, make functional home decor, as well as digital art.

How did you start your flower preservation journey? Is there a special moment?

When I got married three years ago, I decided to trial preserving my own bouquet and loved the results! Since my bouquet was partially fake, it created this gorgeous 3D effect and I just fell in love with floral preservation!

During the years of flower preservation, you must try many brands of silica gel crystals. Why do you choose us at the end?

My work has definitely improved over the years and that is due to trial and error of brands. I’ve chosen wisedry to have a brand I can trust and love using! I also really enjoy the color technology in the silica crystals so I know when it’s time to recharge them or not!

Thank you so much! Can other brands bring you the same good results of the dried flowers as our brand?

While there are similar brands, they don’t compare!

Glad that our product can help you preserve flowers better. During the career, you must have preserved memories fore many people. Is there a story that leaves you a stong impression?

My grandmothers mother passed over 15 years ago. When I started doing memorial pieces, she came to me and asked for one so she’d have a way to give her mom a hug again. We used her mother’s favorite flowers, a couple trinkets she had, and her favorite photo of the two of them.

Logan’s Grandmother’s piece

Oh, it’s so heartwarming. They both look so beautiful in the piece.

Thank you!!

What did you feel when you took this order? Would you be nervous while preserving these flowers?

I was so elated to have the privilege of preserving this memory for her, it was hard to feel anything else. I couldn’t wait to give her this gift to have her mother with her always!

What a lovely family. If you could sum it up in one sentence, what does flower preservation mean to you?

Flower preservation is a way to help others memorialize significant events to encapsulate the memory for eternity

Flower preservation means

a way to help others memorialize significant events to encapsulate the memory for eternityto me.

That’s great. Thank you so much for joining the interview.

writer: Mingzhu wu


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