Precise, Efficient and Green – Meet Wisedry’s New In 2-Way Humidity Control Packs


Moisture can be a major problem for many who are living in humid areas. What we do usually is to get rid of the excessive moisture by using desiccating products because otherwise it will give rise to troublesome damage to our furniture, clothes, electronics, jewellery, foods and many other things.

However, do you know that for some storage it is essential to keep the RH level at a controlled range, meaning desiccating is not the only goal and humidifying is also important when RH level is low. This is especially true when it comes to storing things like cigars, tobacco, herb, etc. Cigars are like wine, something that gets better as they age and its storage needs careful caring.

The storing condition for cigars is delicate and it is essential to keep the RH in the storage container at a certain level because cigars are sensitive to RH change. Its aroma, taste and quality will all be affected if the RH isn’t controlled and that’s why there are high-class fancy humidors that are equipped with electronic hygrometers, humidifiers, tight-seal magnetic door and so on to keep the storing environment favourable to cigars.


A humidor is a storage container that’s specifically designed to provide an adjusted environment. It is generally used to keep cigars, weed, cigarette, tobacco, etc.

The standard for choosing the right material for a humidor is high. Spanish cedar is one that meets the standard and is generally used for this purpose. It’s naturally mold-resistant, heat insulated and keeps odor out and repels bugs. It is loose and soft, making it porous enough to maintain a proper balance of RH for cigar storage. Even in sealed space, a Spanish cedar-made humidor allows a certain degree of air exchange with outside, preventing mold from growing on your cigars to a certain extent . Moreover, its natural aroma is a wonderful supplement to your cigars, making their taste and aroma more mellow and lasting.



When storing cigars, neither too much nor too little moisture is beneficial to cigars. Cigars are hygroscopic. They have the tendency to both absorb and lose moisture easily. When a cigar is dried out, its aroma and essential oils will be lost and even after restoring with moisture, it will never smoke the same and burn too fast while proper moisture ensures cigars proper and even burn with sugar and oils perfectly bound.

Still, too much moisture is not the answer either. Being moist is usually the result of exposing to environment where there is high RH level. Cigars will get swell, making it difficult to smoke and most cigars are made with more than one layer tobacco to add favor but when there is excessive moisture, tunneling occurs and your draw will be uneven. The flavors will get mixed or one flavor overwhelms the others, turning your cigars dull.

Moisture not only affects how your cigars smoke, it also gives rise to more damaging consequences like growing mold and cigar beetles. If spoiled, you may have to discard the infested ones and while sometimes salvageable as they may, they will take time to recover and may never restore fully.

Lasioderma serricorne

Wisedry now provides 62% and 72% 2-way humidity control packs and more are coming. If you care for your cigars, why not give them a try. They might just be what you’re looking for.


The storing condition for cigars needs careful maintenance and this is where Wisedry 2-way humidity control packs can make it much more easier.

For a new humidor, normally it needs to be seasoned before actually putting cigars inside because if not, your cigars may go bad. The reason is simple. The Spanish cedar of your humidor has been dehydrated when its made, the equilibrium of temperature and humidity level has not yet been reached so it will take away the water in your cigars if you rush into putting them in. That will turn them hard and dry. Humidifiers of course is an option that can help make this right but humidity control pack is definitely no lesser in any way either.

Wisedry 2-way humidity control packs provide excellent 2-way caring for your cigars. You don’t have to go through the trouble of personally preparing tools like a wet towel or distilled water and constantly worrying or adjusting the RH level to a fixed range. You can let Wisedry 2-way humidity control packs taker care of it all. 2-way means it can automatically take in moisture when it’s excessive and give out when it’s lacking. The generally favored RH level for storing cigars is 68%-72% but or course it’s your free choice to make it lower or higher to your liking.

The ingredient of Wisedry 2-way humidity control packs is made of natural biodegradable, totally safe and non-toxic for storing your cigars. Unlike other humidity control packs that use solutions of salt water or other non-solid ingredients, which could have potential leakage problems and damage your cigars, inside each Wisedry 2-way humidity control pack is a solid compressed pad made of plant fibre, meaning there will be no leaking problems.

Since humidity control packs instantly start working when it’s in contact with air, just like desiccant packets and oxygen absorbers, each Wisedry humidity control packet is made with individual wrapper to prevent unintended activation, providing an extra protection besides the external packing bag because we want our products to arrive at their best and offer you the best.

When a pack is taken out you should place it in your humidor at once, because it will start working immediately. Depending on the size of your storage container, just place one or more packs in and they will start regulating the RH to a designated level within 48 hours. Each humidity control pack can work months or even a year depending on the storage container (size, material, contents, existing RH level…). The merit is you don’t need to constantly season or adjust the RH level personally and just replace the packet when it gets rigid inside.

You may have not heard about humidity control packs before but it’s never too late to give them a chance and start giving more care to your cigars!