wisedry 10 Gram [30 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Reusable for Moisture with Color Indicating Rechargeable Small Dessicant Packs Food Grade

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    1.97"D x 6.81"W x 9.21"H


    0.3 Kilograms


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    10 reviews for wisedry 10 Gram [30 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Reusable for Moisture with Color Indicating Rechargeable Small Dessicant Packs Food Grade

    1. C.I.

      I use it in a small car and depending on the weather the windows still fog up. I use 2, so maybe I need to use more. I will use 4 in a different car and see if I will remember to report back.

    2. Bruce Force

      If you buy this in order to dry something that is wet, you will get questionable results. I dry a lot of fruits with a dehydrator, then throw in one of these moisture bags in before vacuum-packing – works great. As far as recharging, I just use my dehydrator along with whatever I’m drying, I find it safer than the microwave or regular oven.

    3. BBJ1619

      Used in our chicken food container to keep food from attracting moisture. It worked beautifully and now the food keeps for much longer.

    4. Judith L. Lee

      I bought these to keep prized books stored in totes from mold. They seem to work but do not want to
      open the tote to see.

    5. Jen

      I bought these over a year ago for my dog food and cat food containers. I think it really helps keep the food fresh.

      They are very easy to dry in the microwave. I have a food scale, so it was really amazing to see the weight in grams lower after drying them out. Some of the colored ones stay that dark color now, so this is the perfect way to make sure they are ready to used again.

    6. Amazon Customer

      These silica gel packets work great to absorb moisture in small areas, to protect your valuables and important items. I like the fact that you can see when the packets are saturated (orange gels turn bluish purple color), and thus need to be recharged in your microwave oven. Caution: if you try to recharge the packets based on the instructions that come with them, you will end up melting the packets, thus ruining them. What worked for me is setting my microwave oven to 70%-80% power and heating the gel packets for 45 secs to 60 secs at a time. Do this several times, each time checking the packets and drying any moisture that forms under them. Depending on the power of your microwave, the bluish purple gels will start to turn back to an orange color after several intervals of heating. Once the gels are back to an orange color, then the packets are recharged.

    7. Art

      I use them to put in the top of my bulk salt and sugar containers and also my dehydrated mushrooms

    8. Shaughan Keaton

      These work great. I live in Maine USA, and had problems with ice forming on the inside of my car windows. Problem solved.

    9. Mark Preston

      Purchased these a few months ago and they work as advertised. I’m at about 60% of their absorbency before I need to recharge in the microwave; will probably do that after New Years Day. Very well sealed in their packaging. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future, too.

    10. Steviathan

      These silica bags are just what I needed, and you will love them too! They arrive vacuum packed double plastic sealed and in a resealable bag. They are the perfect size for most gun safes and the black covering blends well in the bottom of your gun safe. They’re THE best desiccant bags I’ve ever used.

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