wisedry 1000CC [24 Packs] Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers for Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Long Term Food Storage

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    10 reviews for wisedry 1000CC [24 Packs] Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers for Dehydrated, Freeze Dried, and Long Term Food Storage

    1. Kindle Customer

      These work very well. They’re made from metal shavings. I’ve bought other OAs made from other materials and they don’t last well, even when stored in a vacuum sealed jar.

    2. Mike

      Excellent product

    3. Ron Holt

      Use them for freeze dry storage,so far so good.

    4. Donna

      i bought this product a few days ago , i was so excited when i got them in the mail then i decided to try them , i thought theyd be great for my cookies in jars etc i opened a 10 pack stuck 2 in a quart jar filled with cookies quickly put the lid on tightly , left one on the table in the open air to test it and stuck the 7 left from the pack all together in a half pint mason jar with lid and ring on tight …. i checked the one left on table it never heated up as in the description on instruction booklet and never got hard , i waited till the next day checked them again still wasnt hard , i checked my cookies they was not sealed and i checked the 1/2 pint mason jar that had 7 in it it didnt seal either , this was a complete waste of my time and money , i got my hopes up on this product , will never buy from this company again worst product ever

    5. John Marberry

      The 100 oxygen absorbers come in packs of 10 sealed. 10 packs of 10… they seem to work great with the Mylar bags for putting my dehydrated items in.

    6. P Lester

      Dropped into a nearly heat closed Mylar bag full of dried mashed potatoes then sealed all the way. In a few minutes, the absorbers eliminated the oxygen and a vacuum was created, just as advertised. What was not used, I put in a quart canning jar with a pressure lid and screw lid and some leaking absorber vacuum seale the jar. Hopefully, when I do another long term sealing project, they’ll still be active.

    7. Karen L

      Seems like a great product, perfect for adding to any item you don’t want moisture to get to. I use them in my ready meal jars.

    8. Amazon Customer

      Looks good now but I guess we will see in 2yrs?

    9. Susan

      The convienence of 10 pack. That way the ones not in use stay fresh.

    10. Manong

      I wanted to store some rice and beans hoping that it will last for very long time with a Mylar bag with oxygen absorber inside. I heard on the news that there will be food shortage in the near future due to high inflation so I wanted to be prepared. So far I have stored several foods already and hope the dried foods will last with these oxygen absorbers

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