wisedry 50 Gram [10 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Microwave Fast Reactivate Moisture Absorbers Bags with Indicating Beads for Closet Gun Safes Bathroom Food Grade

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    10 reviews for wisedry 50 Gram [10 Packs] Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Microwave Fast Reactivate Moisture Absorbers Bags with Indicating Beads for Closet Gun Safes Bathroom Food Grade

    1. Evaluator

      I must be using in high humidity area because they turn pretty quickly. It’s not like they’re bright orange or bright green. It’s dull coloring through the packaging. They need to be flipped and cooked for minutes in the microwave to restore to orange after they turn green. I’m getting about 2 weeks time from them before I need to restore. I am satisfied with them.

    2. Lorie

      I keep a couple of these in my forearm and accessory cases and they work great, microwave when the beads turn dark and let them sit in the sun to finish evaporating and boom, good to go for another year or two (my cases are waterproof and don’t really come out that often, so mileage may vary)

      I’ve used these to further make bone-dry fruits from my dehydrator and it works great to keep things fresh in long term storage. I put everything food related In its own Ziploc and a few of these in a gallon Ziploc with the smaller baggies and things stay crunchy on the rainiest of hikes 🙂

      Recommend letting them cool or picking up with tongs when pulling from the microwave, as they will be steaming! Definitely speaks to how much water they remove from ambient air!

    3. Daniel

      I use these for my guitars. I live in a very humid area and the metal on my guitar starts to corrode from the humidity. I placed these inside the cases of my guitars and it seems to be working. The corrosion has stopped. I do the same with my guns I place it in the bag and close it up. Keeps the barrels and frames from rusting.

    4. Jon K.

      I have been using these for a while to keep my 3d printing filament dry and they have been great. When I tried reactivating via the microwave, I did not have much success and ended up having to throw them away. I have had great success when using an air fryer though. I recommend setting the temperature to 250 and within 12-15min they are recharged. I do not recommend setting the temperature too high as I found that they will not only not dry, but the outer material will start to thin and deteriorate and will ruin the bags.

      Tip: Air frying at 250 for 12-15min has provided the best results.

    5. Lee

      I’m using WiseDry 50-gram packs to keep the moisture level in my classical guitars within the recommended 45% to 55% RH range. I live near the Rhode Island coast. Outdoor relative humidity is often in mid- to high-90% range. Indoor levels tend to stay about 10% lower, but still very unhealthy for my instruments.

      My guitars hate high humidity worse than I do. They come unglued when it get’s too high for too long. I put four 50-gram WiseDry packs in each guitar case (all good quality hard cases but not perfectly air tight) to reduce RH to acceptable levels.

      Each case has a SensorPush hygrometer that I monitor so I know the RH level foe each instrument at all times. I assume the WiseDry packs are absorbing lots of moisture because the indicator beads turn green every seven- to ten-days so I need to give them a ride in the microwave fairly regularly to dry them out and keep them working.

    6. Levi Gibbs

      I’ve used these packets for quite some time! They work great in sealable containers to draw in the moisture!

    7. Garden Lady

      These work very well to keep the moisture out of my things and they last a long time and can be reheated in the microwave to use again.

    8. Hollington

      This is a great product I’ve been using them for everything. I started with putting them with my SCUBA gear but now I tend to throw a pack with pretty much everything and anything I want to keep dry. Camping gear, electronics, food containers. If my phone falls in water throw this in a plastic bag with the phone and hope for the best… These packs are great and the indicators make it super simple to know when they need a recharge. Throw them j a dehydrator, oven or microwave and boom ready to use again. Great product.

    9. Lisa Kenney

      I have used this product in areas with high moisture and it keeps my items dry period and what change the color I put it in the microwave to charger. It’s very easy to use.

    10. Amazon Customer

      Like that they are large and last longer. Use to store onions and garlic in pantry. Preserves food freshness while in pest resistant containers.

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