wisedry Silica Gel Flower Drying Crystals – 8 LBS, Color Indicating, Reusable

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    10 reviews for wisedry Silica Gel Flower Drying Crystals – 8 LBS, Color Indicating, Reusable

    1. Larry

      Works great and is reusable.

    2. Amazon Customer

      This was my first time using this product and it worked amazing! I was unsure if it would work because I was pouring epoxy on them but the end table came out! I will be buying this product again. I also reused and still reusing the silica to dry out more flowers too.

    3. Marie

      Worked great to perserve my wedding bouquet.

    4. Phyllis Timm

      It is so nice to preserve prized flowers. It even preserves the color.

    5. Danielle Lussier

      This is my 1st time utilizing anything like this. WiseDry works wonderfully!
      I’ve got a lot of learning to do, but so far so good!

    6. cayla

      I used this to dry out the flowers from my sisters funeral for a resin memorial gift. I ended up waiting 2 months before I put the flowers into the resin and this product dried them out enough to keep them together for that entire time! Without it, I would’ve lost the flowers forever.

    7. Stefanie Walker

      This was the first time I dried flowers this way and after a lot of research, I bought this. Dried the flowers perfectly and didn’t loose the integrity or shape of the flowers themselves!

    8. Joyce

      First time drying flowers. Got a lot to learn but the product is great

    9. Love, Love, Love! It actually dries with a small bit of shine, quickly, yet allows error correction. I plan to have 84 out of the hundred. Lends harmoniously to my mix media art style.

      They dry but leave a little life in the color of the flower as compared to other brands that 1) over dry the flower and 2)drain color which has to be touched up with soft pastels before spraying for permanence.

    10. Sarah Q.

      I use this to dry out some flowers from a funeral and it worked really well. It was easy to use.

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