Recharge Wisedry® Silica Gel Packets Small Size 5 & 10 Gram

Wisedry® silica gel 5 & 10 gram packets are smaller, which are packed by highly transparent and heat resistant Aiwa paper, allowing them to be visually indicating and heat-resistant.
They can be reused by recharging in an oven or microwave.

small packets – A Paper packed silica gels

Pros & Cons of Different Recharging Methods
– Recharge in Oven: safe, easy to operate, time-consuming;
– Recharge in Microwave: fast, time and energy-saving, more difficult to control the timing, higher risk of failure.

Note: Power & Heat settings may vary between different microwave models. The results will also be affected by the status of the silica gels, so it’s difficult to control the recharging time, which may lead to a higher risk of failure (melted packets). For first-time users, oven is recommended.

Before Recharge

IMPORTANT! Please make sure the silica gels are SATURATED before recharging. When silica gels are not in full saturation, meaning that the water content is lower than suggested, recharging them for the time suggested may lead to overheat and the packets may scorch or melt.

There are two ways to confirm their status:

1. From Colors

When the orange humidity indicating beads fully turn to dark green, it indicates that the desiccant packets are saturated. Now is the time to recharge.
The white beads don’t change colors.

Ordinary silica gel beads are transparent with no changes on shapes or colors when adsorbing, making one unable to confirm their status from appearance. To solve this problem, Wisedry® mixed 10% orange indicating silica gel beads in, serving as easy-to-read indicators that will change to dark green when saturated, enabling users to easily identify when the packet stops working and needs to be recharged/replaced.
Note: The orange silica gels added will not affect the adsorption capacity.

Wisedry® Lab

2. From Weight Increase

If you can’t identify the silica gels’ adsorbing status from their colors, use the weighing method to confirm before recharging is recommended.

Wisedry® uses grade A silica gels with moisture adsorption rate up to 35%. The adsorbing process will be slower when silica gels get close to saturation. We suggest recharging them when there is an weight increase of more than 32% compared to their original weight.

When a 5-gram silica gel packet weighs up to 6.6 grams, it indicates that it’s close to full saturation. Recharge it to reuse.

When a 10-gram silica gel packet weighs up to 13.2 grams, it indicates that it’s close to full saturation. Recharge it to reuse.

Method 1 – Recharge in Oven

Step 1: Set temperature at 120℃/ 250℉

Step 2: Put the packets into oven

Spread the packets evenly in a suitable container. A shallow metal baking sheet is recommended.

Step 3: Set time

5g x 20 packs ( 100 grams ) – 20mins/side (20mins+20mins);

5g x 40 packs ( 200 grams ) – 30mins/side (30mins+30mins);

5g x 60 packs ( 300 grams ) – 50mins/side (50mins+50mins).

10g x 10 packs ( 100 grams ) – 20mins/side (20mins + 20mins);

10g x 20 packs ( 200 grams ) – 30mins/side (30mins + 30mins);

10g x 30 packs ( 300 grams ) – 50mins/side (50mins + 5 mins).

Method 2 – Recharge in Microwave

Step 1: DEFROST Mode

Step 2: Put the packets into microwave

For best results, spread the packets evenly in microwave directly without any plates or dishes.


If your microwave uses a glass turntable, make sure it’s made of high temperature resistant thick glass. Otherwise, remove it before recharging or damage may occur.

Step 3: Set time

5g x 10 packs:
700W microwave – 7mins/side (7mins + 7mins)
1000W microwave – 5mins/side (5mins + 5mins)

10g x 5 packs:
700W microwave – 7mins/side (7mins + 7mins)
1000W microwave – 5mins/side (5mins + 5mins)

If the above suggested time fails to have them fully recharged, add 1-3mins until the green beads fully restore to orange .
For microwaves of other outputs, please adjust the time accordingly.

If the turntable of your microwave is thin and immovable, we suggest using an OVEN instead.


  • Do not recharge if the colored beads are not totally dark green.
  • Do not overheat the packets.
  • After recharge, the silica gel packets will be very HOT. Do not touch with bare hands. Wait until the packets cool down.
  • After repeated drying, the orange beads will lose indicating function by changing to other colors instead of dark green, but the humidity adsorbing function remains.
  • * Use the weighing method to confirm their saturation status when needed.
  • After repeated drying, the packing material may get damaged. If so, please throw away.