Some Amazing Dried Flower DIYS to Try at Home

If you are a flower DIY fan, you should definitely wanna try Wisedry flower drying silica gel crystals. It’s reusable, safe, dust-free and provides fast drying experience for your dried flower crafts. If you are not a flower DIY fan yet, you should also give yourself a chance to try. The fun and joy you’re gonna get are beyond words. When you think your dried flowers can only be placed in a glass jar, there are in fact more options for you to display your dried flowers and surely you will find you favorite ones.


Vase is the first place where you can put your dried flowers to make for a perfect interior decoration. You can place your vase in your shelves or just on a table in your living room. It will be a centerpiece once you put your lovely dried flowers in and it will add unique charm to your living space. 

When it comes to vase flower decoration, there are different types of vases with different shapes and sizes that match different kinds of flowers.

For tall or narrow vases, you can try flowers with long stems and large heads. Sunflowers, roses or even tulips are some best choices. They will make a great statement and stand tall and attract attention to their blooms but you need to make sure they won’t topple over due to excessive weight on the top.

Short or stout vases shimmer with unique charm with flowers like violets, phonies and carnations. These types of vases are ideal to be displayed on table tops, mantels or counters. You can trim the stems to a proper length for them to fit your vase. This arrangement will look even better when you place some candles, pebbles or shells beside it as decoration.

Fishbowl-like round vases are also common and flowers like orchids, daisies, chrysanthemums, lilies are great matches. Flowers with long and sturdy stems are suitable for round vases as they provide strong support. Remember to make sure the flowers occupy the vase fully and spill over the brim of the vase otherwise the they may look discordant due to size imbalance.

Whichever vase and flowers you choose, colors are important as well. If you are decorating glass vases, the thing you wanna consider is whether the colors of flowers harmonize with each other. If it is a opaque vase, then you should consider its color. But anyway, it’s all about your personal preference. You can mix and match whichever you like and it’s okay if they don’t meet your expectation and look perfect in the first place. There are countless combinations to try and you just need to find the ones that present yourself the best.


Dried flowers are also perfect for making flower wreaths which can be hung anywhere you like such as your front doors, kitchen windows, dining room, which all creates a loving and warm ambience.

You will first need to prepare your dried flowers, which are easily made with Wisedry flower drying silica gel crystals. When making a flower wreath, it’s best to use flowers with stems because you will need to attach them to the frame. If you have cut down the stems when drying your flowers, you can use floral wires to reattach them.

Then you will need a flower wreath frame. You can either purchase a ready-made one or even make your special frame out of branches or whatever material you like yourself! The most common shape is round and it can easily make an eye catcher in your home. You should start by arranging how you want to place and combine your flowers and remove unwanted leaves or wilted ones with scissors if needed.

Attach the flowers to your wreath frame with floral wires or ribbons. You can even add some other greenery to it as embellishment. Whether to cover the whole wreath or leave some extra open is entirely up to you. If you find wires are not firm enough, you can also use some extra glue.

When it’s finished, you can hang it anywhere you like and it will instantly give you great pleasure every time you see it.


Shadow box is also something you would definitely wanna try with your dried flowers since it is simple to make and is a gorgeous ornament for your home. Shadow box displays are perfect for keeping keepsakes like wedding bouquets, birthday flowers or any flowers that carry a special meaning behind them.

Making flower shadow box is simple after you have dried your flowers with Wisedry flower drying silica gel crystals. Since a shadow box have limited space, you may need to cut off the stems in order to put them in if you only wish to display more flower heads. If you wish to keep the stems, you can simply tie the flowers together to make a bundle and put it in. Before you do that, you should measure the size of the shadow box beforehand and trim the stems accordingly. If needed, you can glue the flowers to make them stay secure.  

The best part of flower shadow box is that if it’s tight sealed, the dried flowers will look good for a long time. To improve it even further, you can put in Wisedry oxygen absorbers or silica gel packets to remove the excessive moisture or air. The reason is that oxygen and moisture will accelerate the decaying process of your dried flowers. Note: you shouldn’t apply oxygen absorbers and silica gel desiccant at the same time because oxygen absorbers need some moisture to activate. You can choose one based on which is needed the most.


If your walls are plain and white, dried flowers can help you with this and add more colors to them. To do this, you can press dry the flowers. The most popular and easiest way is by using a book. The book should be really heavy if you wish to get it done better. Books like dictionary will be a good choice.

Firstly, place the flowers between two pieces of paper (that don’t retain moisture and leave marks on your flowers like textured material) and put them in the middle of the book. If you are pressing multiple flowers at one time, remember to space them out so that they don’t affect each other.

When the book is closed, you can start adding extra weight on top, like other books or bricks, to give more pressure. You should change the papers every few days in order to keep absorbing moisture out of the flowers. After 2-3 weeks when the flowers are completely dry, remove the pressed flowers. You should be very careful when doing this and don’t break them because they are rather brittle and fragile at the moment.

When removed, the pressed dry flowers can be fixed on walls using stickers.They will surely make for a beautiful wallpaper when arranged properly.

However, there are some things you should know before getting hands on this project. The first is that not all flowers are suitable for pressing drying and flat flowers are the best options. Also, the moisture pressed out of the flowers may damage the pages of the book you are using so be sure you’re using a book that you don’t mind damaging.

If press drying is not your type and you wish to keep your flowers more vivid and intact, you can use Wisedry flower drying silica gel crystals. It’s non-toxic, efficient, easy to use and the flowers will basically remain its full beauty.

I believe you already have something in mind after this article and can’t wait to get started. With Wisedry flower drying silica gel crystals, there are a great many creative ideas for you to try and these are only some of the many and each one of them adds joy to your life.