Share Your Dried Flower Story

Welcome! Here, we share stories about us and our Wisedry-dried flowers.🌸🌸

Each flower here carries a memory, whether of a wedding, a graduation, the loss of a loved one, or an unforgettable trip…Whatever we’ve been through, whatever we felt in our hearts, these flowers accompanied us on the journey. In addition to preserving them with silica gel crystals, we enjoy sharing the stories behind. Each time we immerse ourselves in each other’s narratives, we are deeply moved and encouraged.

If you also want to share the story about you and your Wisedry-dried flowers, please don’t hesitate. This community will remain open indefinitely. Wisedry will also turn the stories into Polaroid cards and place them in every bag of silica gel crystals to share with more people.

What flowers have you dried? What memories do these flowers preserve? Click the share button below to share with us!

How to Share

  • Through the Share button on this page, share the photos and stories of your dried flowers.
  • Please kindly include your name and contact information. They will be used solely for communication purposes and will not be disclosed in any way.

Privacy Protection

  • When uploading your content, please indicate your preferences in the checkboxes: “Anonymity” and “Allow story for Polaroid printing”.
  • Please be assured that your personal information will be protected and will not be disclosed without your consent.

Story Review and Display

  • All submitted stories will be reviewed. Stories that pass review will be displayed on the website.
  • Please note not all submissions will be displayed. Inappropriate or irrelevant stories will not be displayed.
  • Please note that published stories may be subject to appropriate editing to conform to the website’s format and style.
Share Your Dried Flower Story
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